Douglas Wilson (Aberdeen, 1969) is a bi-lingual translator, film-maker and writer based in Madrid. 

He began working in the film industry under Andrés Vicente Gómez at Lola Films in 1995, carrying out various activities in the international department of the biggest Spanish production house of its day, earning production credits on films like PERDITA DURANGO and OFF KEY, and attending all the major film markets and festivals over a number of years.

During this time, Wilson also learned the key aspects of screenplay writing and screenplay development, attending the ARISTA story editor workshop of the MEDIA programme, and had the opportunity of working with leading screenplay writers of the stature of Alex de la Iglesia and Jorge Guerracaechevarría (THE DAY OF THE BEAST, COMMONWEALTH), Manuel Gómez Pereira and Joaquín Oristrell (MOUTH TO MOUTH, LOVE CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH), David Newman (SUPERMAN, SUPERMAN II, SUPERMAN III) and Barry Gifford (LOST HIGHWAY)  

Following this, Wilson had a spell in the acquisitions department of Lola Distribution, playing a key role in picking up titles such as Bernardo Bertolucci’s BESIEGED, Tom Robbins’ CRADLE WILL ROCK, Julian Schnabel’s BEFORE NIGHT FALLS, and YOU CAN COUNT ON ME,  the debut feature film of Kenneth Lonergan (MANCHESTER BY THE SEA). 

After leaving Lola Films, Wilson independently championed, developed and produced THE CONTESTANT, the debut feature film by Rodrigo Cortés (BURIED), which went on to win the Critics Prize at the Malaga Film Festival. During this time, he also worked with other highly talented Spanish writers and directors such as Javier Gullón (ENEMY), Pepón Montero and Juan Maidagán (JUST BEFORE CHRIST), Santiago Lorenzo (MAMA ES BOBA) and Chema de la Peña (SUD EXPRES).    

In 2008, Wilson began translating screenplays, a job he combines with writing and developing his own slate of projects.

Wilson has carried out the English translation of shooting scripts such as WAYS TO LIVE FOREVER by Gustavo Ron, RED LIGHTS, by Rodrigo Cortés, Spanish Goya winner A STORY FOR THE MODLINS, by Sergio Oksman, MONEY by Martin Rosete and INSIDE by Miguel Angel Vivas. He has also translated the screenplays of numerous other Spanish language films such as MAY GOD SAVE US, THE REALM and MOTHER, all three by award-winning director Rodrigo Sorogoyen, and SOME TIME LATER by Spanish film-making giant Jose Luis Cuerda.  

Wilson’s Spanish language screenplay LOVE’S LITTLE MISERIES, was selected for development funding by the MEDIA programme. His English language romantic comedy, BLUE TURTLE, was picked up by London based production outfit, Future Films. His most recent screenplay, OBITUARY, was shortlisted in the 2017 Shore Script Screenplay Competition, among the top 5% of all entries. 

Douglas Wilson is a Master of Arts (2.1) from Glasgow University and has attended the Media Business School in Ronda (Spain) as an observer, as well as the ARISTA story editor workshop previously mentioned. He holds language certificates in Spanish, Catalan and Scottish Gaelic, and reads and understands French and Portuguese.